Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should Indiantown Incorporate? 
Incorporation will ensure self-determination and home rule. As a Village, Indiantown will elect 5 council persons instead of the current two County Commissioners that are elected by the entire County. That's right. Currently our Districts 3 & 5 County Commissioners are elected by voters in Palm City, Jensen Beach, Stuart, Hobe Sound as well as voters in Indiantown. Once Indiantown is incorporated, only Indiantown residents would have the honor of voting in their elected officials. 
“Government Closest to the people is Best for the People !”

3. What are the proposed boundaries?
Most of Indiantown’s existing Urban Services Boundary . Click here to view the Map of proposed Limits. 

4. What services will be provided by the Village?
The Village will be responsible for maintaining existing levels of service at a minimum for the following:
    A.  Fire Rescue.  We will have the Same Martin County Fire Rescue Service we enjoy today. The Village will contract with and pay for Martin County Fire Rescue Services. The Village will collect the tax that the county used to receive under the Fire MSTU. The amount of money the Village will receive from the Fire MSTU will pay for Fire Rescue Service with a substantial surplus left over.
    B.  Roads (local streets.  not 710). The Village will control road repair and drainage issues, no more waiting years to fix a problem.
    C.  Parks & Recreation. The Village will Control our Parks ! Better Service, Better Maintained, User friendly Service
    D.  Building Dept.  We will have our own Building Department and Growth Management Department  No more waiting two years to get a permit !

5. What about the Sheriff?
We will have the Same Martin County Sheriffs Services we enjoy today. Sheriffs services are paid for with taxes collected through the county general fund, there will be no cost to the Village for Sherriff’s Services. We will enjoy the same level of Service we enjoy today !

6. Where will the Town's Revenue come from?

As a resident of unincorporated Indiantown, you currently pay taxes and fees to Martin County.  A Portion of those exact same taxes and fees would be redirected to the newly formed VIllage. Indiantown sends a lot more money “East” than we ever get back, with Incorporation that will change!!!

7. Will my taxes increase?

No, In fact there is a good chance they will go down if the town council so chooses.  With a Three to Four Million dollar surplus every year, there will be no need to raises taxes !

8. Who will be on the five member village council?

The Village council will be elected at large from Citizens of the Village who live  inside the Village boundary and they must have lived in the Village boundary for at  least one year to be eligible.  It Could be you, your friends or family ----Get involved !                                               

9. How can I support Indiantown's Incorporation?
Donate Today!  You can use the Donate button in the upper left to make a secure donation.  Encourage your friends to vote for Incorporation on November 7, 2017.