About Us

Like the founders of our country, the below represent our citizens who are most passionate about our challenges and have a shared vision for how the Village of Indiantown can overcome them.
Art Mattson                    In Memoriam
Thelma Waters

Amy Brunjes                   amy.brunjes@fpl.com

Bob Howe      

Parker Gitschier              Pagits@aol.com

Chad Granese                cgranese2008@gmail.com

Richard Brooks               skoorbii@yahoo.com

Renita Presler                 renitapresler@yahoo.com

Guy Parker                      guyparker@yahoo.com

Marybeth Parker              mrybthparker@yahoo.com

Yulma Perez                     yulmaperezperez@gmail.com

Betty Wolcott                    Bettywolcott@harborcb.com

Ronnie Hattaway              redronnie@ITSpeed.net

Craig Bauzenberger         njanddeb@gmail.com

David Powers                david@indiantownrealty.com

Donna Carman              donna.carman226@gmail.com

Kevin Powers                 kevin@indiantownrealty.com

Jackie Clark                   jackie77of@yahoo.com

Janet Hernandez            jjanethernandez@aol.com

Angelina Perez               myharold05@yahoo.com

Antionette Dowling          fourlilindians@gmail.com

Juan Carlos Lasso         chontaduro73@hotmail.com

Scott Watson                  watsoneffort@yahoo.com

Anthony Dowling            anthony.d.dowling@gmail.com

Brian Powers                 brian@indiantowngas.com