Indiantown Independence has been a decades old discussion and now is the time. By creating our own Town and incorporating Indiantown we will allow residents the opportunity for self-determination, ensuring Home Rule and Fair Treatment of our citizens and our town. Many current residents as well as the supporters of the Town of Indiantown want to protect and preserve their hometown with Local Representation. Working together, we can create our own land of opportunity and prosperity for the citizen of Indiantown.

The proposed Village of Indiantown was authorized for referendum by the Legislature in May 2017.  It will be decided by the residents of Indiantown on Nov 7, 2017.  

Many residents have questions about becoming a town, we want to give you the facts and let the citizens decide. We encourage all residents to attend one of the many Town Presentations where your questions can be heard and answered. Please refer to upcoming events below for more information. We are conducting two studies, a one year and a five year estimate, to show the actual anticipated costs. Our consultant, BJM Consulting has conducted the first 5 year study to determine the Town’s costs of operation. These studies are availabe in the Documents section .

Should we successfully incorporate, the Village of Indiantown would be represented by 5 council member elected at large. We would initially have 1 council person who per 1,000 people, who is most likely your friend and neighbor. The small town feel would stay the same, and your voice would be heard. Change can only occur within the Village limits by it's own citizens. We would ALL be responsible for the Future of Indiantown.